Why we were glad to say goodbye to Melbourne’s winter weather

Do you remember where you were living during winter in 2015? Maybe your were fortunate enough to be overseas! But what we experienced that winter was ridiculous. The city was blasted with icy winds, hail, downpours that could double as a natural disaster and frigid temperatures day and night. And to make matters worse, we didn’t even have the mild days in between the horror to buffer the blow.
The freezing conditions were bad enough, but then everyone had to talk about it. All. The. Time. It’s all this city and its fair citizens could bring to the conversation table, complaining about the weather, begging for summer to come and making tentative plans to move to Queensland. It was so bad that we broke records! By June, we recorded the coldest start to winter in 65 years. And then in July, we did it again, with the coldest July day in 20 years. Oh, and again, when we woke up on July 19 to the coldest morning in 18 years. .
At this point, winter became a joke. An arctic blast swooped into our dear city and took just about everything with it. We were hit with sub-zero temperatures, rain, hail, and blizzards, which really should belong somewhere else. Like a movie, or Sydney. People were miserable, wet and some even reconsidering their stance on whether climate change is actually bad. .
It was our privilege to help our fellow poor Melbournians by installing a brand new hydronic heating system in their homes. Below were some of the comments we received online during 2015. If you would like us to come out and give you a free quote, or if you want to send us a floor plan for an estimate click here to get started.

“Excellent service was provided by Robert, Mark & the installation guys who were friendly, patient and really seemed to enjoy their work, despite what turned out to be a difficult installation under our older home. We also appreciate prompt follow up from Robert when our system needed some tweaks. Enjoying having a lovely warm home, thanks. ” – Grexb

“We highly recommend Mark, Robert and their team. We found them to be friendly, professional and responsive. We are very happy with our hydronic heating.”  pennyg76

“This has been a wonderful experience. After living in Berlin for two years with a hydronic heating and hotwater system I had already been sold on what a great, and common, form of heating this is. After we returned to Australia we started looking around for a supplier. I am now really happy we decided to go with hydronic heating who made the whole process simple and enjoyable. The ‘Antarctic Vortex’ we have been experiencing this July is no match for our new Baxi system. Thanks Guys.” tedc614