BarrierX5 Insulation

Wauseon, OH (PRWEB) March 30, 2009

BarrierX5, the only available roll out radiant floor heating insulation made with a 100% recycled foam core material was judged by a committee of radiant floor heating business leaders as the “Most Innovative Product” at Canada’s CIPHEX West Plumbing and Radiant Floor Heating Show. Used primarily as an underslab insulation for radiant floor heating, BarrierX5 is an alternative to rigid concrete foam insualtion since it will not break apart due to its flexibility. Visit BarrierX5 for more information on the Barrier family of radiant floor heating concrete foam insulation products.

Northwestern Ohio Foam Products, a Wauseon, Ohio-based company that manufactures and sells high performance radiant floor heating insulation and building products, has announced their new product used for radiant floor heating.

BarrierX5 is a roll out radiant floor heating insulation and vapor barrier that is made with 1.25″ thick 100% recycled extruded expanded polystyrene and heavy duty polyethylene film laminated to both sides. Like a foam cup protects your hand from the hot beverage it holds, BarrierX5 protects floor heating from heat loss and moisture. BarrierX5 under concrete foam insulation is a thermal block which insulates the concrete from the cold and dampness of the ground.

The product is strong and durable and will not collapse under the weight of the concrete. BarrierX5 comes in flexible 4’x60′ rolls with a patented edge taping system making installation fast and efficient -save over 40% of reduced taped seams as compared to rigid boards. The unique design lets workers walk on it without breaking it apart keeping the X5’s insulation properties intact while also letting the installation crew spend more time on other jobs without the need to repair broken boards or taping seams. The faster the installation time, the lower the wage costs leading to higher profitability.

Wally Radjenovic, President of NOFP and inventor of BarrierX5 says that “hydronic floor heating contractors enjoy the easy to use one-step BarrierX5 since there are no comparisons in today’s marketplace, in addition the BarrierX5 is made up of 100% reclaimed polystryene foam taking out thousands of pounds of material out of the wastestream, going green made easy.”

BarrierX5 can be used in hyrdronic radiant floor heat, electric radiant floor, snow melt, crawl space, as a vapor and radon retarder, for back fill protection and many other instances where rigid board foam insulation would normally be used.

For more informtion on BarrierX5 under concrete foam insulation for radiant floor heating and other energy saving insulation products, call NOFP @ 800-339-4850 and visit BarrierX5.

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