Baxi Luna3 Hydronic Heating Boiler

BAXI’s new Luna 3 wall mounted hydronic heating boilers offer European technology in a highly efficient (83%), compact and easy to install unit. The correct size hydronic heating boiler selected now could save you thousands in the future. Any plans for an extension or otherwise need to be taken into consideration so that the benefits of your hydronic heating sytem can be extended successfully.

After receiving your floor plans we calculate the heat requirements for your home. This calculation will ensure that the right size boiler is selected. Hydronic Heating Systems carry a range of European hydronic heating boilers and over the years have found the most popular to be manufacture by Baxi.

All hydronic heating boilers made before 1990 approximately have an efficiency performance level of about 60%. The boilers manufactured today have an efficiency rating of at least 80% and the high efficiency condensing boilers average closer to 90%. If you have an old boiler and are considering an upgrade or replacement you should save around 30% on your heating bill as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Europe have already legislated that all hydronic heating boilers be the high efficiency condensing boilers. Australia has not caught up with European standards as yet, nevertheless we encourage you to consider upgrading to a high efficiency boiler for the obvious cost savings and impact on the environment.

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