Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) March 25, 2008

Bidet toilets are a high end luxury bathroom product and a new web site called educates people about the benefits of bidets. The site was launched by radiant heating company Warmzone.

One of the biggest differences between regular toilets and bidets is that bidets use water rather than toilet paper. Bidets are more gentle than toilet paper on sensitive skin and are preferred by the elderly or people with gastrointestinal problems.

“Even though most people aren’t aware of them, bidets are not new. They’ve been around for hundreds of years — but newer models with luxury features have made them more popular,” says Tracy Stanger, CEO of Warmzone. In fact, “once they use a bidet they’ll wish every toilet had the comfort and cleanliness of a bidet toilet,” he said.

Stanger notes that while bidets are common in Europe and Latin countries, they’ve been slower to catch on in the US.

Women especially appreciate bidets them because the seats on all models close automatically. Bidets are also cleaner than regular toilets. They can be programmed to fit the individual preferences of each user and accessed by remote control.

How Bidets Differ From Regular Toilets:

    Adjustable temperature and washing pressure mean can be programmed to fit the preference of each user
    The toilet seat has an adjustable heater and warm air dryer
    Bidets have built in deodorizers
    Bidets light up with LED lights so they can be easily seen even at night
    Bidets are more environmentally friendly, since they use less toilet paper and waste less water

In addition to the current selection of bidets, will carry begin carrying an additional line of bidet toilets from Brondell in coming weeks.

About Warmzone:

Warmzone is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Warmzone designs and sells electric radiant heat and hydronic floor heating systems for homeowners. Now branching into more home comfort products, Warmzone now carries high end luxury bidet toilets at


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