Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 30, 2004

Drawing on 27 years’ experience with tankless water heaters, Efficient Technology Sales, LLC announces that it will private label Paloma Industries LTD’s Model PH28R in the USA and Canada as the WaiWela PH28R. Â?’WaiWela’ (pronounced ViVela) means ‘hot water’ in Hawaiian,Â? says Neil Greenzweig, president of ETS, Â?and that’s what tankless technology promises: an unlimited supply of hot water.Â?

The PH28R will be available in both residential and commercial models. Each model will have versions to support natural gas or LP gas, and indoor or outdoor installation. The residential version may be used for domestic hot water or hydronic heating applications. The commercial version supports ganging of up to five units, with an intelligent controller that rotates the firing order among the connected units, giving them all a comparable expected life. A commercial installation could be up to one million btu’s, allowing its use in restaurants, car washes, dormitories, and small motels.

Asked about his decision to form an entity to private label Paloma water heaters, Greenzweig responded: Â?The time is really right for tankless. There’s a lot of concern for conserving resources and stabilizing monthly energy costs. In Colorado last winter, natural gas prices were up 70%. You’re seeing the big playersÂ?Rheem, A.O. Smith, Bradford White–offering Japanese tankless models.

Â?I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I’ve been associated with Paloma since 1977, and I really admire their emphasis on engineering advancements that put safety first. For example, the PH28R continuously monitors itself to make sure it is burning cleanly and efficiently and makes adjustments accordingly; if it cannot correct a combustion problem by adjusting fan speed, it shuts itself off. I also respect Paloma’s effort to recycle water heaters in Japan, for which they’ve been recognized by the Japanese government.Â?

Efficient Technology Sales plans to distinguish itself in an increasingly competitive market by providing outstanding pre- and post-sales support. ETS will soon move into a new facility in Denver that will include warehouse, office, and, importantly, training space. While tankless technology is mature, Greenzweig warns that there are still two areas that can lead to customer dissatisfaction: sizing and installation. Sizing involves asking questions such as: Is tankless appropriate for this application? How many simultaneous users will there be? What is the incoming water temperature? The major installation concern is gas line sizing. Asked to explain this, Greenzweig responded: Â?The PH28R modulates its gas use between 19,000 and a whopping 199,900 btu/hour. It may be competing with other gas appliances, like furnaces and dryers. It’s essential that there be an adequate gas supply.Â?

Â?Tankless water heaters must be installed correctly to work excellently and deliver comfort,Â? Greenzweig continues. Â?We make sure that we have offered the installer the information needed to install the water heater properly and to service the water heater through its life. We cannot afford improper installations or dissatisfied customers.Â?

To ensure customer satisfaction, ETS is recruiting a sales organization committed to getting the necessary education to support the appropriate choice and installation of tankless technology. Â?Frankly, you can buy a tankless water heater in a home center today,Â? Greenzweig says. Â?But you may or may not be able to talk with someone who really knows the product, and, most importantly, knows what questions to ask you. We’re looking to put together a knowledgeable supply chain where each link has been educated and has an immediate source of authoritative answers.Â?

About Efficient Technology Sales, LLC

Efficient Technology Sales, LLC, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, was formed to capitalize on: its founders’ twenty-seven years’ experience with tankless water heater technology; its long-time association with Paloma Industries, LTD; and its commitment to promoting technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly heating technologies.

About Paloma Industries, LTD

Paloma Industries, LTD, headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a fourth generation privately owned company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of gas appliances.