Panel radiators are draught free, clean, and silent. They do not rely on noisy fans cycling on and off to provide you with the ultimate home heating. With hydronic heating, radiation and natural convection combine to produce a heating system that will exceed your expectations, both in the quality of heat and in its ability to provide uniform temperatures at the lowest possible relative humidity.

The electrical componentry in a hydronic system is minimal with wall hung boilers having an electronic ignition on startup and small economical pumps using very low amounts of electricity to operate.

There are many major distinctions between ducted and hydronic heating systems that you should be aware of before selecting the right system for your home. Ducted heating circulates and recirculates warm air using large electric fans. The air is scorched over burners then blown via ducts around your home, bringing with it airborne particles, dust, and other undesirable pollutants, all of which can be trigger factors for asthma and other breathing allergies.