Here is a chrome heated towel rail installed for use with one of our hydronic heating systems. We prefer to use zenitherm towel rails. Many have asked whether a heated towel rail will heat an entire room or just keep the towels warm.

As a general rule a hydronic heating heated towel rail is designed to heat the entire room as well as your towels. A room needing 1000 watts of heating would use a towel rail that delivers at least 1000 watts. So the size of the towel rail becomes dependant on delivering enough watts to heat the room.

Most, if not all, electric towel rails will NOT heat a bathroom or ensuite. They will keep your towels warm but don’t expect much more from them. An electric towel rail will often only have two heating elements inside the vertical rails.

A hydronic heated towel rail fills with hot water. So all the vertical AND horizontal rails are warm – that is why they can deliver so much more heat.