Ripon, North Yorkshire (PRWEB) August 28, 2009

For years, underfloor heating has been a mark of luxury and thought to be the preserve of the rich, but in these days of recession, more and more consumers are turning to underfloor heating to save money. An average household can save an estimated 20% on their heating costs by using underfloor heating instead of the more traditional central heating system.

One of the UK’s leading experts on underfloor heating, Floor Heating Online, have recently launched a brand new bespoke website which makes selecting and purchasing underfloor heating simple. An increasing number of people are actively looking to reduce their utility bills but at the same time they wish to add comfort and value to their homes…and underfloor heating can do both.

“We have seen a significant upsurge in sales through our new web site,” says Graham Poole, owner of the company, “which is not only ensuring we as a company are standing strong through the recession, but at the same time it is helping our customers get the products, advice and service they need in order to save themselves money on their household bills.”

The website means that this UK-based national company can market a wide range of the best products and give their clients detailed but clear information about all types of underfloor heating, such as electric underfloor heating or hot water underfloor heating. It enables overheads to be cut, so those savings can be passed onto Floor Heating Online’s clients who always receive fantastic value for money.

As moving house is not an option for many homeowners in the current financial climate, people are staying put but deciding to spend money on improving and updating their properties instead. Installing underfloor heating certainly gives a property a feeling of finesse that can make a house more desirable and potentially easier to sell in the future.

The reason why underfloor heating – especially electric underfloor heating – can cut household bills is due to the efficiency of the system. Warm air generated by the underfloor heating is distributed around room more effectively, so the occupants feel cosy and warm wherever they are and at all times. This means that less power is used overall to maintain a constant optimum room temperature.

So British homeowners can now enjoy a safe efficient heating system that will enhance their homes and save money, via Floor Heating Online’s new website…just don’t tell the neighbours how inexpensive underfloor heating really is!

Company overview:

Floor Heating Online is a British company that brings the best underfloor heating products from industry leaders to UK consumers. As it is an online retailer, a wide range of systems and parts can be offered for sale whilst company overheads are kept low, thus delivering the most comprehensive selection and outstanding value to its customers, plus experienced advice and speedy service. The new website can be found at