Tivok systems help households and small businesses incorporate sustainable innovation and savings into their daily lives in the form of energy efficient space and water heating and cooling. They are ideal for these markets as their constant heating and cooling demands make up one of their largest energy loads. Our smaller systems are specially designed to meet these heating and cooling demands with maximum energy efficiency, helping users save significantly on energy consumption, add value to their property and reputation, and reduce carbon emissions and reliance on non-renewable energy in a context of rising energy prices and concern over the environment.

They are ideal for small businesses that utilise large volumes of hot water daily such as hair salons, horse stables, dairy farms and wineries; and are tailor made to site specific requirements and on or off the grid applications. Users may elect to install an energy efficient thermal system consisting of an air-sourced heat pump and thermal storage tank, or a solar thermal system with the added renewable heating source of solar collectors to create further savings. Both help users save significantly on heating and cooling costs; for example, the potable hot water function saves up to 80% on energy compared to electrical and gas water heating systems.

Underfloor Heating
Hydronic underfloor heating is an increasingly popular method for property heating. It is an invisible heat source that frees up space in each room, provides even heat distribution from the floor up, and reduces the circulation of allergens (as is created with air heating) for a healthier indoor environment.

Panel radiators
Tivok systems offer an excellent water heating and cooling source for running Fan Coil Units and Panel Radiators. Our systems heat and cool water with high energy efficiency and then circulate it through the Units and Radiators, which utilise it for space heating and/or cooling. This reduces the energy required to run these two space heating technologies significantly, making them a more environmentally friendly and less expensive option.

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