Here are some photos from the hydronic heating system installed in Cheltenham last week.

The first picture shows a Zenitherm radiator – Type 33. The type 33 panel is 150mm in depth which makes it quite thick off the wall. The benefit of a type 33 panel is that they produce a lot of watts for a fairly small length and width. The panel pictured below is 900mm high and only 600mm high – it produces more than half the heat required for the lounge room.

Radiator Panel instead of heated towel rail

This picture shows the main bathroom. There was really no wall space for a hydronic towel rail so instead the client opted to install a panel below their existing towel rail. The panel is large enough to heat the bathroom but with its placement this client will experience toasty warm and very dry towels due to the convected heat produced by the heating panel.

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