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Hydronic Heating Systems is run by Robert and Mark. Robert is the ‘technical, hands on’ brother who visits people in their homes, and supervises the job sites. Mark spends his days in the office caring for the quoting, designing, marketing and the accounts. Robert is able to supervise each project because there are mostly two teams operating on different sites.

Robert and Mark are passionate about hydronic heating and it is all they do. When you hire us you will amazed at the process from start to finish. You will love dealing with us and you’ll love the hydronic heating system we install for you. This is due to many of our clients love our work and recommend us to their friends.

Our team installs all forms of hydronic heating. Radiator panel systems, underfloor slab heating and boiler replacements. New homes, existing homes, renovations, whatever your needs we can help. We breathe life into homes, whether new or existing, through beautiful form and function.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating uses water instead of forced warm air to heat your home. It is known all over the world as one of the most energy-efficient and healthiest ways to heat your home.

An efficient central boiler heats the water that is then circulated throughout the building using a network of pipes to an outlet; an outlet can be a radiator panel, in floor trench convector or an in slab floor coil.

Benefits of Hydronic Heating

Heat is distributed evenly in the rooms and home. There are no hot spots, warm draughts and smells.

Other heating systems circulate airborne contaminants, allergens and dust. Heated air that is forced causes the air to dry out which normally affects our skin. Hydronic heating produces improved air quality and healthier homes.

Hydronic heating is the most efficient, as water conducts heat better than air. This makes the heat to be transferred easily and evenly in the rooms. This works well for rooms that have high ceilings.

Hydronic heating systems also enables you to control the temperature of each area with a thermostat so they can be adjusted according to which rooms are occupied and individual needs.

Hydronic heating works silently.

Hydronic heating offers a large array of design choices to accommodate different buildings types, sizes and individual preference.

Hydronic Heating uses far less energy than ducted heating systems, so by reducing carbon emissions, it helps to lower your carbon footprint.

Hydronic heating is an economical and flexible way to control your energy bills.

Although the radiator panel gets very warm they will not cause serious burns making them safe for the home. They get as hot as 75 degrees Celsius

How Hydronic Heating Works

A hydronic heating system uses a boiler to heat water which is circulated by a pump through piping connected to radiator panels in each room, and is channelled back to the boiler for reheating. As heat gently transfers from the radiator panels, a programmable wall thermostat controls the temperature. Panels are warm within minutes and rooms comfortably warm in around fifteen to twenty minutes.


We are committed to providing the highest quality products, amazing customer service and an unmatched 15-year workmanship warranty.

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