Hydronic Heating Thermostats

Every hydronic heating system requires a wall thermostat, this is what will turn the system on and off and set the temperature you want inside your home. There are many types available today, we use and recommend the Honeywell T4 wall thermostat. With effortless temperature control, simple temperature scheduling and levels of automated control, the T4 offers a level of intuitive usability customers expect from today’s technology.

For some installations where running a wire to the thermostat location is not possible, then we utilize the Siemens RDE100 RF thermostat, it is a wireless thermostat. It’s not as easy to use as the other two, but in certain situations we have no choice.

The ultimate in thermostats is the NEST thermostat. So simple and easy to operate along with being able to connect to your home Wi-Fi allows you to be able to control the thermostat from your smart phone. Jump onto their website to see how great they work – http://www.nest.com


Honeywell T4

Siemens RDE 100 RF