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Laing Thermotech’s new groundbreaking Ecocirc D5 Solar pump will be featured at the 2007 National Solar Energy Conference in Cleveland, Ohio July 7-12. The premier event, whose theme is “Sustainable Energy Puts America to Work,” will present a variety of timely topics, major industry players and the latest energy-efficient products like Lang’s Ecocirc D5 Solar pump.    

The Ecocirc D5 Solar pump is making an unprecedented mark on the industry due to its superior design, inventive features and powerful performance. It is the first DC spherical motor pump for direct connection to photovoltaic panels with automatic performance optimization using Maximum Power Point (MPP) technology. This approach to design allows the pump to be used wherever a highly-efficient circulation pump is needed without a direct connection to AC power. Consequently, the Ecocirc D5 Solar pump presents a smaller, cooler and more efficient solution for use ¬¬with a variety of applications. A prime area of application is thermal solar systems for single family homes. Other viable applications include, computer cooling systems, engine block circulating systems, aquariums and ponds, oxygen generating systems, vending machines and process temperature control.

A major part of what differentiates the Ecocirc D5 Solar pump is the design of its spherical motor. Unlike conventional canned motor pumps, the Ecocirc D5 Solar pump features a shaftless spherical motor. The only moving part in a spherical motor is a hemispherical rotor/impeller unit, which sits on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic ball. There are no conventional shaft bearings or seals. The shaftless technology allows for a long, maintenance-free and quiet service life.

The Ecocirc D5 Solar pump also offers these significant benefits:

No maintenance required under normal conditions, even after lengthy shutdown periods
Reliable soft startup with minimal power–virtually guaranteed
Self-optimizing software that automatically finds the point of maximum performance
Corrosion-resistant parts

Laing’s new Ecocirc D5 Solar pump is garnering praise throughout the industry for the considerable advantages that it offers. Regarding the pump, Daniel Retz, a solar thermal systems engineer said: “We have been very pleased so far with the Laing D5 solar pumps. We have installed a handful already, and they are a great product. They seem to be more powerful than the El Sid 20 Watt pumps we have used in the past, I assume due to superior pump and motor design. The body of the motor seems to run cooler as well. The installation is a breeze, as you have included the half-inch compression fittings. The only ‘problem’ we have had with the pumps is that they are so quiet that the customer doesn’t believe that they are running. Thanks again for supplying a great product with great customer service.”

The Ecocirc D5 Solar pump follows a long line of innovative products by Laing Thermotech. The company is an industry pioneer with an impressive record of developing revolutionary products. Laing is responsible for the first practical do-it-yourself instant hot water circulation system, the first effective tankless water heater pump, in addition to a successful product line of low-energy-consumption, fractional-horsepower pumps for residential, solar and industrial use. For more information about the Ecocirc D5 Solar Pump or Laing Thermotech Inc., visit .

Laing Thermotech Inc. is part of the Laing family of companies, which originated in Stuttgart, Germany in the early 1970’s with the introduction of unique solar and pump products. Today, Laing primarily focuses on manufacturing fractional-horsepower pumps, flow-through heaters, and hydronic heating components. The company’s products are sold worldwide, with sales and distribution operations in Germany, Japan and the United States, as well as a manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities in Hungary. Laing employs innovative technologies to create product designs that are reliable, compact, less expensive to install and operate, and easier to service in the field. The company holds a large number of registered patents in consumer, commercial and industrial markets.


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