Sime Brava Slim

Sime Brava Slim and Brava One are part of a new generation wall hung boilers, particularly compact and functional. They represent the ideal answer to the requirements of modern domestic environments where space must be used in the best possible way.

Despite compact dimensions, they have technical solutions and features belonging to superior classes of product; we are, therefore, proud to assert that they are small in size, but big on performance. The elegant design and ease of use help improve the user experience who will appreciate the quality and reliability in time, that Sime incorporates into all of its products.

The Sime Brava Slim uses the brass hydraulic unit on all boilers in the range. Brass stands for quality, reliability, and durability and guarantees a peaceful sleep. The new hydraulic unit introduces a new sequence of the connection manifolds according to DIN Standard. This is used by the majority of the European manufacturers and gives maximum installation flexibility of Brava Slim.