Hydronic Heating – Outdoor Piping


Some existing homes are not able to have the pipework for a hydronic heating system run under the floor for various reasons. The house may

Hydronic Heating – Outdoor Piping2016-08-15T14:23:45+11:00

Hydronic Heating – Cheltenham


Here are some photos from the hydronic heating system installed in Cheltenham last week. The first picture shows a Zenitherm radiator - Type 33. The

Hydronic Heating – Cheltenham2016-11-15T11:55:12+11:00

Baxi Luna 3 Boiler – Brighton


Here is the hydronic heating Baxi Luna 3 boiler being installed at our project in Brighton. Baxi Group has been producing and marketing

Baxi Luna 3 Boiler – Brighton2016-11-15T11:55:12+11:00

Trench Convectors – Princess Hill


Today we are finishing off the hydronic heating system at Princess Hill. This project has had two trench convectors installed which are great when you

Trench Convectors – Princess Hill2016-02-22T11:55:48+11:00