Bit of a different post today – got an email from someone we quoted a few months back – they didn’t choose to go with us but one of our competitors. Unfortunately for them I got an email from them today quoted below. It’s something we can’t help with … but its worth doing your research before selecting an installer – look at all of our happy clients … not to say mistakes don’t happen – but 98% of the time our clients are thrilled to bits! When you use Melbourne’s Premier Hydronic Heating Installers emails like the one below are few and far between.

Hi Mark

Hopefully you remember me (and M****).  We have now had our hydronic installed by another company but have been exceptionally unhappy with their service the entire time.  They “forgot” to order the panel for our lounge room and so we now have no heating in our living area for the next 12 weeks (the time they tell us it will take for the panel to come in).  I will be bringing a slightly premature new born home in approximately 12 days (booked for a caesarian) so you can imagine how happy I am.

I was wondering:
a) how long would it take you to source a flat vertical panel 700 wide by 2000 high.  Our other panels are de longhi but I don’t really care which brand.  How much would this cost to supply and install (pipes and valves are already sitting there ready)?

b) how much would and how long would it take to supply and install 3 x 600 wide by 900 flat (not ribbed) panels?  Again pipes and valves are ready to go and boiler is currently running.  The company involved has currently installed ribbed panels in some rooms which it says it will replace in 12 weeks time.

If this is too hard to answer or just not the done thing in the hydronic world I completely understand.  I don’t want to waste your time.  Just thought it was worth asking. M******.