Please note: We do not supply, sell or offer support for these products unless installed by us. These products are here for our visitors to understand the individual components that we use when installing a hydronic heating system.

Hydronic Heating Pipes & Fittings

We utilize a combination of pink Rehau Rautitan and grey Rehau Rautitan Stabil piping in our installations.
Manufactured in Germany and boasting a 25-year warranty!

Tested for over 30 years against the toughest construction site conditions across the globe!

REHAU’s world renowned PE-Xa (cross linked polyethylene) RAUTITAN piping system is the toughest pipe available for hydronic heating systems. Completed by the permanent leak proof compression sleeve jointing technology, REHAU RAUTITAN piping systems provide trouble free installation each and every time. RAUTITAN Stabil Pipe is a multi-layer pipe consisting of self-supporting pressure resistant inner layer of cross-linked polyethylene; middle layer of butt welded aluminum and polyethylene outer coating. Durable and heat resistant primer provides superior adhesion performance ensuring the three layers behave as one over the life of the piping.

  • 100% Leak-proof joints
  • 4x lesser noise / water hammer
  • 100% from Germany
  • Heat resistant up to 100°C
  • Built in vapor barrier prevents condensation
  • Substantially reduces energy/heat loss
  • Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals

High quality pipes require high quality insulation

Armaflex® FRV insulation is designed for heated and cold water services, heating systems, chilled water lines, and refrigerant pipes. It is available as both pre-formed pipe sections and flat sheet. It is tested and certified to the fire performance standards required by Australia’s National Construction Code and the New Zealand Building Code for use in commercial buildings and multi-residential construction.

Armaflex® FRV is compliant with AS/NZS 4859.1 and FM Approved.

Designed to deliver high levels of fire performance, Armaflex® FRV pipe insulation is tested to the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 274. This standard is a full-scale fire test that simulates one of the most severe conditions in a building: a fire involving multiple insulated pipes in a confined vertical space. NFPA 274 is a pipe chase test, simulating services contained in a vertical riser shaft. Armaflex® FRV passes all recommended acceptance criteria for NFPA 274. It also passes the more stringent acceptance criteria in the US Uniform Mechanical Code (IAPMO/ANSI UMC 1-2009) for regulation of pipe insulation.