Under Floor Hydronic Heating

Also referred to as in-slab or in-screed heating, this form
of hydronic heating provides comfort through the harshest winters

Ultimate Luxury

Imagine walking around the house in bare feet in the middle of winter. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a lottery winner or millionaire to enjoy this luxurious form of home heating. Once considered an inclusion only available to those with exclusive homes, under tile heating now has mainstream appeal.

Underfloor hydronic heating transforms into a slow-release radiant heat bank providing uniform temperature throughout your home. Underfloor hydronic radiant heat systems are closely aligned with the ‘optimum heat curve’ as defined by the heating industry, making it the most economical and efficient means of heating.

Experience continuous comfort at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Using the thermal mass of the concrete slab, the heat transfer delivers optimum thermal comfort at much lower temperatures, reducing over-heat losses. Incorporating hydronics, underfloor heating with a high-efficiency condensing boiler reduces running costs with up to 20% savings on gas bills.

In-Slab Hydronic Heating

In slab floor heating turns your whole floor into a radiant heater, producing that amazingly comfortable warm home that hydronic floor heating is known for.

In slab floor heating is the standard method for hydronic underfloor heating. Pipes are secured to metal reinforcement 200mm apart, in either a spiral or  serpentine layout at lengths no more than 100m. Concrete is then poured, encompassing the underfloor pipe, creating a structural slab to build on. When connected, heated water will flow through the underfloor pipework, transferring heat into the concrete, in turn radiating heat to within the property.

In Screed Hydronic Heating

In screed floor hydronic heating is the most efficient and responsive method of under floor hydronic heating, it can be installed in both new and existing homes. Like structural floor heating, in screed heating turns your whole floor into a radiant heater, producing that amazingly comfortable warm home that hydronic floor heating is known for, but does it in a far more responsive and efficient way.

Under floor heating pipe is located and secured into Pipe Positioning Board, at a distance of 200mm apart, which is laid directly on top of a pre poured structural slab. The under floor heating pipe and Pipe Positioning Board are then screeded over with a minimum of 50mm thick concrete screed.


Panel radiators running on high temperature water and underfloor heating running on low temperature water can both be combined on to the same system. A typical scenario would be the use of panel radiators upstairs and under floor heating down stairs in a two storey home. What used to be a relatively complex system is now easy to achieve using a Partage Box.

Partage Boxes are available in different configurations, meaning systems can be fully customised to suit the layout and customer requirements partage boxes are also compatible with a full range of different heat sources. Partage boxes can also be used to zone heating systems, whether it be a complete panel system of complete underfloor heating system, where each zone will have its own individual thermostat. A typical scenario would be a three storey property, with underfloor heating on each floor controlled individually by their own thermostat.

Pricing Guide

We have provided a very rough pricing guide for both in-slab and in-screed hydronic heating systems. We highly recommend sending us your floor plans, we can do an estimate and have it back to you within 24 hours.

In-Slab Hydronic Heating – $ 40-60 per square meter

In-Screed Hydronic Heating – $70-$90 per square meter

For a combination of underfloor heating and radiators submit your floor plans for a free estimate.

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