Please note: We do not supply, sell or offer support for these products unless installed by us. These products are here for our visitors to understand the individual components that we use when installing a hydronic heating system.

Henrad Plinth Radiator

The Plinth radiator range is a perfect solution for locations where vertical space is limited but maximum warmth is still required with nominal height intrusion. Henrad are the only plinth radiator range in Australia available in 200mm height. Spaces with large floor to ceiling windows, shop windows, benches, alfresco winter gardens and offices are ideally suited to plinth radiators.

They can be used to create cozy curtains blocking cold air close to windows or used as free standing room dividers behind couches or furniture. Compact Plinth comes in the standard ribbed finish, whereas Plan & Line Plinths are available in single faced models designed for use against walls with the decor facing outwards or double faced for use in applications where the radiator is viewed from both sides. With a completely flat front, decorative upper grille and side panels the Plan & Line Plinth radiator ranges add a sleek stylish finish.

  • Super compact 200mm height
  • Used under windows creates a warm air curtain
  • Available in nine widths from 1000 to 2600mm
  • Available in Compact, Plan and Line styles