Should I get a quote or an estimate?

Whether you are just in the initial stages of thinking about a hydronic heating installation, or you have your heart set on it and are further along in the process, it is always a good idea to gain an estimate or quotation for financial purposes. Having an idea on costings will allow you to decide on whether installation is a feasible option for you, and if so which would be the most cost-effective route for you to follow. So, whatever your requirements, do give us a call or an email and one of our friendly team will be on hand to advise. Depending on the information that you have available we can either guide you down the estimate route, giving approximate costs, or the quotation route, giving firmer figures.


  • Meet with us to discuss your requirements

  • Need us to do a site inspection

  • Provide a full heat load calculations with radiator sizes

  • Require a firm cost and written quote


  • Send us floor plans for an approximate cost

  • Don’t need a full heat load calculation done

  • Don’t need to know radiator sizes or locations

  • Just need a quick approximate cost

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