Please note: We do not supply, sell or offer support for these products unless installed by us. These products are here for our visitors to understand the individual components that we use when installing a hydronic heating system.

Trench Heaters

We are experts at designing and installing trench heaters. With a variety of designer and hand, customer made timber grilles available.

Hydronic Trench Heaters

Trench heaters are a perfect fit for contemporary Australian home design where floor to ceiling windows and doors allow little available wall space for conventional radiators.

Powder coated black on the inside and insulated on the outside, trench heaters are built into the floor along large glass areas, efficiently optimizing thermal comfort inside rooms without compromising space or views.


  • Low water content for energy efficiency
  • Low surface temperature
  • Clean natural convection
  • High product quality “Made in Germany”
  • Easy cleaning
  • Rust-proof

Designer Grille

Mohlenhoff roll up designer grilles offer many exciting and varied designer options to give our range of trench convectors that quality architectural appearance. Choose to make a statement with the many exciting colour options and finishes, or like a chameleon simply blend the grille into the surroundings. Mohlenhoff designer grilles with rounded aluminum bars are a highly developed, German designed and manufactured product, which complies with all quality and safety aspects such as step-on quietness, load capacity and durability.

A major benefit of Mohlenhoff grilles is the ease of installation and lack of maintenance required. Cleaning is so simple as Mohlenhoff grilles are dishwasher proof, simply roll up the grille and pop it into the dishwasher for cleaning. Z and L frame profiles are also available to complete the look. Mohlenhoff offers a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Timber Trench Grilles

The Timber Trench Grille is characterized by a parallel arrangement of the bars. This produces a clear optical border between floor area and facade – a deliberately visible transition delivers an accentuation by the grille. Our Timber Trench Grilles have full step-on ability as well.

  • Manufactured with the same timber used on your floor
  • Individually designed for each project
  • Hand-made and assembled