Trench Convectors – Princess Hill


Today we are finishing off the hydronic heating system at Princess Hill. This project has had two trench convectors installed which are great when you

Trench Convectors – Princess Hill2016-02-22T11:55:48+10:00

Slab Heating – St Kilda


Here is the manifold for the slab heating part of the hydronic heating system we are installing today in St Kilda. Each circuit of slab

Slab Heating – St Kilda2016-02-22T11:55:47+10:00

Hydronic Heating Radiator – Brighton


This hydronic heating radiator has been installed at the clients request underneath the built in desk. The job at Stone Street, Brighton has

Hydronic Heating Radiator – Brighton2016-11-15T11:55:13+10:00

Thermostatic Valves at Kingsville


On the majority of hydronic heating radiators we install thermostatic valves. These valves automatically adjust the heat of the panel to the temperature you select.

Thermostatic Valves at Kingsville2016-11-15T11:55:13+10:00

Hydronic Heating Towel Rail


Hydronic Heating Systems provide Warmth and elegance in the bathroom with Zenitherm heated towel rails. Featuring excellence in engineering, innovation in design and

Hydronic Heating Towel Rail2016-02-22T11:55:46+10:00

Hydronic Heating System – Kingsville


Hydronic Heating Systems Melbourne Today we are installing a hydronic heating system in Kingsville - our clients have selected the zenitherm plan elite radiators -

Hydronic Heating System – Kingsville2016-11-15T11:55:13+10:00

Hydronic Heating Melbourne


.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Hydronic Heating Melbourne is based in a new premises at Clayton South and we

Hydronic Heating Melbourne2016-02-15T04:30:54+10:00

How a Hydronic Heating System works


Hydronic heating systems use a boiler to heat water which is then pumped through piping to panel radiators which are installed in each room requiring

How a Hydronic Heating System works2010-09-09T14:39:55+10:00

Baxi Luna 3 Hydronic Heating Boiler


BAXI’s new Luna 3 wall mounted hydronic heating boilers offer European technology in a highly efficient (83%), compact and easy to install unit.

Baxi Luna 3 Hydronic Heating Boiler2016-02-15T06:50:01+10:00