The boiler is the heart of every hydronic system. Normally connected to natural gas or LPG, the boiler efficiently heats the water which is then pumped around the closed circuit of hydronic heating pipes.

In Australia the major brands available currently are, in alphabetical order, Baxi, Bosch, Immergas, Radiant and Sime. I’ve listed them in alphabetical order so as not to show a preference for one over the other. You will find in our industry most companies will try and insist on a particular brand, saying the are the best, we have no problems with them etc – just what you want to hear!

We do things much differently, sure we recommend a particular brand and model of boiler for your project when we provide you with a quote or estimate. But we will also give you other options to choose from, never forcing you into a particular brand.

Always download a brochure from the manufacturer to make sure what your quote says marries up with what the brochure says. Let me give you an example. A little while back a client emailed me a competitors quote to help them compare the differences between boilers. Take a look at the image below. You can see they are offering an upgrade to a 30kW condensing boiler with a ‘Thermal efficiency 98%‘ – that’s impressive right – an extremely efficient boiler! Right? Well why don’t we not take their word for it and go direct to the Bosch website and see what they say….. go ahead, click on the ‘Product Specifications’ tab.

Tenth row down, Energy Efficiency – ??% – you can see it right? Something to think about when comparing boilers… always check the manufacturers website or brochure to ensure you are getting what you’re told. If you want to take a look at our website to see what boilers we are currently using click here – brochures from the manufacturer available to download too πŸ™‚