1. Wall Space

For most of in Australia we grew up with a ducted heating system. It was ok, warmed the house up good, but it was a bit noisy and blew dust around the house. When it was on you felt warm, maybe even a bit too warm. But when it turned off the air went cool very quickly. The best thing about ducted heating though was you only had a small register in the floor or ceiling. Hardly any room was lost.


One of the problems with hydronic heating is that you lose some wall space. It’s not the end of the world but it is a shift in thinking. Retrofitting a system into an existing home is a challenge for home owners as all their furniture is already established and in place with most wall space already taken. If you are building maybe it becomes a bit easier, but many modern homes have floor to ceiling windows which means less wall space. So what can you do to find/make space for hydronic heating? Our image slider on the left shows a variety of situations where we have overcome the issue of insufficient wall space.

2. Ruined!

That’s right, once you’ve had hydronic heating you’re ruined (in a good way). You see once you live in a house with hydronic heating, you can’t go back to any other type of heating. Ducted heating, split systems, fire places- it doesn’t matter, none of them compare to the warmth of a hydronic heating system.

We have hydronic and LOVE it

It was put in when the house was built, and is on natural gas.

We just can’t believe how quick, how just nice and warm it is. Just like being wrapped in a nice warm blanket


we have it and love it! We have old house (1924) with 3 metre high ceilings , some rooms without insulation and old thin windows plus gaps in the floorboards lol and it is still lovely and toasty warm and we think it is relatively cheap to run.  We have thermostat set at 20oC from 5am-10am then again from 4pm-11pm but if I’m home during the day and cold I will boost it up to 20.


Could not be happier with the product and the investment. Noticeably fewer coughs and colds, less asthma, beautiful even warmth rather than blasting hot air.


Finally cold enough to use it today…..towels dry in 30 mins…..it’s so quiet, no dust, and sooooo warm.