Photos from a job we completed in Yarraville recently. Sime Brava Slim BFR 30 E boiler, Honeywell T4 Thermostat, Henrad radiators all installed with our award winning service.

One of the most popular types of heating systems in the country is hydronic heating. This type of system uses hot water for heating purposes. Water is heated in the boiler and sent to heat exchangers in different rooms around the house. Heat is usually radiated to the surroundings as hot water or steam passes through the heat exchanger. Heat is then distributed naturally around the room through natural convectional currents, so there is no need of fans.

Hydronic heaters have several benefits. For starters, they are conducive for people who have sinusitis, asthma, allergies and other types of respiratory conditions. This is because dust and other allergens inside the houses cannot become airborne because of lack of fans. Secondly, these systems are much more energy efficient than forced-air systems because water is a better heat transfer medium than air.