Energy Efficient Hydronic Heating

Who hasn’t considered going green lately? Every brand of product that can now has a ‘green option’ which is obviously great for the long term impact on our environment. One of the biggest products making a carbon footprint nowadays is your homes heating system. There are many options available from burning wood, using gas or electricity as well. Hydronic heating is a form of heating that is one of the most efficient forms of heating available, not to mention it is the most comfortable form of heat available today.

So whether you have an existing home or a building a new one, you should consider your ‘carbon footprint’ and seriously consider a hydronic heating system. There is nothing worse than having a heating system that is expensive to run, you find yourself not turning on the heating – instead opting for freezing cold mornings inside and using jumpers to keep warm. When your heating system is efficient and not expensive to run you will then be able to have a nice toasty warm house all winter long. So why is hydronic heating so efficient and cheap to run?

A hydronic heating system once finished holds water in panels and pipes. That water is heated in a gas boiler and circulated throughout the house. The pipes are well insulated meaning the heat from hot water has only one place to escape – the panels in your house! Water is also a fantastic conductor of heat which ads to a hydronic heating systems efficiency.

You can increase the systems efficiency by installing a condensing boiler as well. The burners on these boilers modulate which gives them an efficiency rating of between 96% and 98%. Many agencies will offer rebates when you make the choice to install a high efficiency hydronic heating boiler. Another reason hydronic heating systems are worth considering is the ease and simplicity of zoning a house. Thermostatic radiator valves will automatically control the temperature in reach room – meaning every room of your house can be set to an individual temperature. When the room reaches the desired temperature the thermostatic valve will recognize that and will automatically turn the radiator panel in that room off. When the temperature in the room eventually drops, the panel will once again, automatically come on.

There are many other benefits to installing a hydronic heating system, so be sure to do your research before investing in a new heating system for your home.