(PRWEB) November 26, 2009

Warmup in New Zealand has recently undertaken a partnership with the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation. The organisation is committed to finding new solutions for people with these conditions and have identified floor heating as one of the viable options. Warmup® Underfloor Heating is the foundation’s sole recommendation for the undertile and undercarpet heating category. Thanks to its radiant heating patterns, underfloor heating reduces the circulation of airborne allergens like dust which could trigger health problems such as asthma.

Apart from being better for your health a clever way to add luxury to your floors is the addition of floor heating. After all, the only thing better than a gorgeous floor is a warm, gorgeous floor. Particularly in colder climates where winters are a lengthy half-year affair, underfloor heating will enable you to enjoy those beautiful tiles for longer.

Award-winning Warmup® electric underfloor heating is available in both loose cable and mat forms to suit different projects. A large or regular-shaped area can be quickly covered with a mat while a smaller room with units could benefit from the additional flexibility offered by the loose wire. Room size is not a problem as Warmup offers a full range of safety-approved systems to cover areas from 0.5m² upwards.

Warmup® underfloor heating boasts a host of advantages from more comfortable warmth to greater interior design freedom.

Spanning the entire floor means that underfloor heating is very effective for keeping floors dry, especially ideal for busy bathrooms. The radiant heating method of heating also eliminates draughts typically associated with conventional radiators. This in turn reduces airborne allergens such as dust, making the home environment healthier.

With Warmup, the underfloor heating is operated in zones by separate thermostats. This individualistic control allows for usage tailored to your lifestyle and improves heating efficiency. Lower wastage translates simply into greater cost and energy savings.

For all the benefits, Warmup® underfloor heating is highly affordable, both to install and to run. Prices begin at less than 0 including the heater, programmable thermostat and VAT, while running costs are also very low. There are also no maintenance costs involved.

If you would like to find out more about installing electric floor heating in your home, simply call Warmup on 0845 345 2288 or visit www.warmup.com to chat with a live consultant. Our team of highly trained professionals can assist with technical queries and provide a free quote for your project, offering support right through even after installation.