Boulder, CO (PRWEB) April 4, 2009

The Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Renovation Nation nationally-televised show highlights a uniquely green home in Boulder. Renovation Nation’s host Steve Thomas, previously of This Old House, visits green building projects across the nation and explores all aspects of environmentally-friendly home renovation and new construction. The Discovery Channel film crew documented the property at 2300 Kohler Drive – a collaborative project of Ellis Construction, Namasté Solar, Automatic Solar, and Colorado Geothermal Drilling.

Currently in development, 2300 Kohler Drive will integrate numerous green features and follow the guidelines set by the City of Boulder’s “Green Points and Green Building Program.” Upon completion, the home will be near “net zero” in regard to energy consumption. Renovation Nation will feature a number of green aspects including a geothermal heating system, a solar photovoltaic array, and a solar hot water heating system.

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“Our interest in this project is the combination of different technologies — geothermal, PV, and solar thermal — and how they will all work together to reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint for the homeowner,” says Dan Rau of Colorado Geothermal Drilling.

“We are honored to be a part of a project that so effectively utilizes the power of the sun. The 8.3kW solar electric system will help provide electricity for the home and power its other alternative energy systems,” says Marci Leffingwell of Namasté Solar. “Our company highly values strategic partnerships, so we feel particularly proud of this project’s collaborative aspects.”

“This project is exciting to us because we get to offset backup electrical usage with the proven power of solar thermal. We are excited about the Renovation Nation spot because it is a great opportunity to de-mystify the differences between solar thermal and solar electric systems to a large audience,” states Bo DeAngelo of Automatic Solar.

“Boulder, Colorado is a national front-runner in the advancement of renewable energy technology and green building practices, due in part to the city’s progressive ‘Green Points and Green Building Program.’ This opportunity will lend credibility and national exposure to builders, organizations, and citizens affecting these new practices and policies, as well as a chance to report on something positive in these challenging economic times,” adds David Ellis of Ellis Construction.

About Ellis Construction:

Ellis Construction is a custom building and renovation company focused on the balance of fine craftsmanship, sustainable green practices, and valuable cost planning. Our full-service company specializes in maximizing materials, space, and budgets for new construction, renovation, and additions. We’re professional craftspeople committed to building healthful spaces that are best for you and the environment. David Ellis, the company’s founder, has 15 years experience in the residential construction field. His ethics, business practice, and high quality of work have earned the company great respect in the industry.

About Namasté Solar:

Namasté Solar is dedicated to bringing clean, reliable, and affordable renewable energy technologies to homes, businesses, and nonprofits in Colorado. As the leading solar company in Colorado with more in-state installations than any other company, Namasté Solar has installed more than 650 PV systems totaling over 3.5 MW since 2005. Its unique, values-based business model includes employee ownership, democratic decision-making, community collaboration, an innovative solar grant program, zero-waste initiatives, educational programming, and holistic profit measurement.

About Automatic Solar:

Automatic Solar is a professional building performance contractor based in Boulder. We specialize in the design & installation of energy efficient systems for homes consisting of Solar Thermal, Hydronic Heating, Plumbing systems, HVAC, Evaporative Cooling, and Geo Thermal. Our goal is to transition all homes from uncomfortable and inefficient spaces to homes that allow unlimited comfort without the huge carbon footprint and high fuel expense. Automatic’s president, Bo DeAngelo has 26 years of trade experience and is a licensed master of both mechanical and plumbing systems.

About Colorado Geothermal Drilling:

Colorado Geothermal Drilling has been involved in the geothermal industry since late 1999. The first five years was specializing on the design and commissioning special requirements for highly efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems. Since 2005, CGD has been designing and installing vertical bore loop fields for geothermal heat pump systems.


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