Some existing homes are not able to have the pipework for a hydronic heating system run under the floor for various reasons. The house may be on a concrete slab or there is very little if no access underneath. In these situations it is still possible to install hydronic heating but the pipes will need to run around the outside of the home. The system is still efficient and all the pipework still fully insulated.  To make the project look complete and not too sore on the optic nerve the pipes are covered.

This decorative pipe covering duct is designed to neatly conceal the pipe work of a hydronic heating system or airconditioning system. Available in ivory, the pipe work is slimline and square in design to blend in with the exterior lines of a home. The duct is made of a highly durable plastic that will not rust or deteriorate.  Below are some pictures of the covered pipework at a project we’ve just completed at Mordialloc, Melbourne.


UPDATE!! – Click here to see the same pipework painted