Today we are installing a hydronic heating system in Upwey. Here are a few photos from the job. Keep in mind our installers are hydronic heating experts – not professional photographers 🙂

Here are some comments from our client:

In regards to the  ‘boys’
Well firstly, they turned up ON TIME and on the right day!!
Secondly they were polite and respectful
Thirdly they stayed and did the job and finally they tolerated an extremely annoying dog!!!
OH and they put the panels where we agreed they should go and THEY ARE STRAIGHT.
So all in all from my perspective all went swimmingly. Which may be the case tomorrow as it raining pretty hard.
But that’s OK as they will be under cover in fact under the house. Oh I do amuse myself.
yes so thank you. Jane


I hope you have a great easter and the bunny brings your children much joy. Will you pass on to the Hydronic men (as we call them) my congratulations on a great job, well I hope it is as I am not at home. but they seemed to know what they were doing. I shall tell everyone I know (not many) what a great company you and Robert run. Regards Jane

Hydronic Heating – Melbourne – Upwey