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Instant hot water recirculation pumps from Laing Thermotech Inc. do more than offer consumers the benefit of having instant hot water in their home. They also conserve considerable energy and wasted water—which translates into substantial cost savings, according to independent research by consulting mechanical engineers Edward Saltzberg and Associates.

“Although Laing’s products are best known as a convenience item to the average consumer, our ultra-efficient, low-energy-consumption pumps actually pay for themselves by reducing the homeowners’ energy consumption and wasted water,” said Scott S. Shimer, Laing’s CEO.

Laing’s Instant Hot Water Autocirc® Recirculation System, for example, costs less than 10 cents a day to run and can conserve enough energy to pay for itself in less than two years, Shimer says. Homeowners can save thousands of gallons of water each year, plus use less energy by not having to heat wasted water. By sending less water down the drain, they can also reap sewer savings.

According to independent study, consumers can save nearly 0 a year using the Autocirc System with an electric water heater. This is based on the water heater being set at an average temperature of 140º F, an incoming water temperature of 40º F, and running the pump four minutes per hour for 16 hours a day and 350 days a year. It is also based on electricity at .125 per kilowatt hour, water cost at .02/100 Ft³, and a sewer surcharge at .35/100 Ft³.

In addition to offering the Autocirc System for retrofit applications, Laing also sells a instant hot water recirculation product for new construction: the UltraCirc®. Both of these user-friendly systems give homeowners the advantage of having hot water almost instantly at every faucet and shower in their home. They:

Install easily with the existing hot water supply line

Require less energy to operate than similar products

Contain a quiet pump that is almost inaudible when running

Feature a low-flow design that helps to avoid pipe erosion problems

Can be installed by a plumber or homeowner

Are available from local plumbers and most home improvement stores

Laing is an industry pioneer that created the first practical do-it-yourself instant hot water circulation system. The company offers a variety of low-energy-consumption, fractional-horsepower pumps for residential, solar and industrial use. For more information about its complete line of leading-edge products, visit our Instant hot water web site.

About Laing Thermotech Inc.

Laing Thermotech Inc. is part of the Laing family of companies, which originated in Stuttgart, Germany in the early 1970’s with the introduction of unique solar and pump products. Today, Laing primarily focuses on manufacturing fractional-horsepower pumps, flow-through heaters, and hydronic heating components. The company’s products are sold worldwide, with sales and distribution operations in Germany, Japan and the United States, as well as a manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities in Hungary. Laing employs innovative technologies to create product designs that are reliable, compact, less expensive to install and operate, and easier to service in the field. The company holds a large number of registered patents in consumer, commercial and industrial markets.


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